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Curtain Call Costumes

Do you remember the first time you stepped on stage, that very first dance costume you wore, all glitter and tulle, shining in the lights? How you felt amazing, like the light itself was coming from you—and you could have just danced forever.

That feeling, that moment, is exactly why we do what we do. We’re a company that truly believes your performance is our passion. In fact, your performance inspires us just as much as you’re inspired by our costumes. From our base in York, Pennsylvania, our team stitches a lot of pride into each and every Curtain Call® costume, handcrafting every design, ruffle and detail so that you and your dancers dazzle on stage.

Our passion goes beyond each costume we create; service and customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously at Curtain Call. We’ve expanded our Relationship Manager team to reach new areas in the country. All former dancers themselves, they work closely with you at your studio to find out what you need and support your vision. If there isn’t a relationship manager in your area, don’t worry! Our amazing customer service team is just a phone call away.