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Kvon Photography

Capturing the World’s Beauty: Photographer Keyvan Behpour (Kvon)

Kvon Behpour is an award winning commercial photographer. Over the course of a 30+ year career, he has worked with record labels, top brands, and many of Connecticut’s finest advertising agencies. Kvon emigrated to the US from Iran as a young man, becoming a citizen in 1990. He has been able to return to Iran for three extended photo expeditions, including one journey to help the victims of the devastating 2003 Bam earthquake.

What we really love about Kvon’s work is the strength of his compositions. Perhaps it is his early training as an engineer showing, for every image is exceptionally well built; balanced, color-rich portraiture of fashion models appear to capture authentic emotion while travel scenes draw the viewer in, promising even more delights await the intrepid adventurer who follows in Behpour’s footsteps.

Local readers may have seen Kvon’s images in Connecticut Magazine or Outdoor Life. He has pieces on permanent display in the EL Espiritu de la Tierra collection, located in the US Embassy chancellery building in La Paz, Bolivia. Both the Beckett Paper Company and Fairfield County Women in Business have honored Behpour’s work. As a corporate events photographer, Kvon earns praise for his ability to make even the most introverted individuals feel like red carpet celebrities.

Kvon maintains a very busy schedule and travels often on assignment. He does welcome visitors to his American Fabric Arts Building studio by appointment.

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