Upload Your Photos

Dance History Project

Upload Your Photos

How to upload your photographs to the CDA History Project Flickr site

Note: Photos submitted must have been taken in Connecticut or represent Connecticut dance. If it is archival material, please photograph it digitally and then upload it.

Here is how (two options):

  1. Email: Attach photos and send to cdahistoryproject@gmail.com

For each photo provide:

  • Full name of submitter
  • Contact email address
  • Who is in the photo
  • Where and When was the photo taken
  • Photographer if known (make sure you have the photographer’s permission)


  1. Go to the simple file uploader at http://goo.gl/PF89ys

Fill in fields, then choose file and upload photos

To see the current collection of photographs on the site:


Now, pull out your old photos or take new ones ––You could be part of history!