Human Kinetics

At Human Kinetics, our mission is to produce innovative, informative products in all areas of physical activity that help people worldwide lead healthier, more active lives.

Human Kinetics is committed to providing quality informational and educational products in the physical activity and health fields that meet the needs of our diverse customers. Within the physical activity field, recreational and organized sports are a major focus.

Our customers include scholars who study physical activity and health issues; professionals who apply sport, physical activity, and health knowledge in delivering useful services; and the public who engage in fitness and sports activities in many forms and who benefit from living healthier lifestyles.

The Healthy Dancer

The mission of The Healthy Dancer Blog is to aid the development of intelligent, thinking, healthy dancers and to draw attention to ways that dancers can improve their technique through cross-training, better nutrition and body awareness.

Dance & Culture: An Introductory Reader

Dance is more than learning steps; it is an interdisciplinary, multicultural subject that can teach students about the world around them. This illustrated dance textbook explores dance from around the world, their influence in the United States, and the importance of preserving these dances for future generations. Studying dances of other cultures aids in understanding of shared values and develops respect for the uniqueness of each dance style.

Choreographers, Choreography, and Writing for Dance: An Introductory Reader

This book discusses a sampling of famous American choreographers and also shares many ideas for creating dances. The book also offers guidelines for discussing, writing about, and preserving dance. Geared towards secondary education students, this book is appropriate for readers in grades 8 and above. The book is divided into an introduction plus three main sections. The introduction gives an overview of the history of choreography in Western culture.

Beginning Musical Theatre Dance With Web Resource

Beginning Musical Theatre Dance introduces students enrolled in their first musical theatre dance course to techniques, steps, and practices to prepare them for a future of on-stage performances. The text and web resource offer students what they need to know to audition, rehearse, perform, care for themselves, and have successful dance experiences.

Alayna’s First Ballet

Hello, my name is Alayna, and I am here to say, I come to learn to dance ballet and make new friends along the way.