We are currently accepting nominations from the state-wide dance community for the CDA 2019 Distinguished Achievement in Dance Awards and the Jill Henderson Award for Outstanding Services and Dedication to the Dance Community as a Volunteer

1. Distinguished Achievement in Dance AwardYou can nominate a person, organization or event up to July 8, 2019. When all the nominations are in, the CDA Board of Directors will meet to choose this year’s awardee(s).  

We know that there are many dancers, dance teachers, choreographers, dance company directors, dance presenters and dance organizers out there who deserve this very special recognition. Also please consider your brilliant “techies” who quietly, in the background, do a brilliant job e.g. your lighting designers, set and costume designers, and dance video artists. And… in addition, last but not least, give thought to your dance writers; those people who have consistently supported dance through their featured articles and reviews.

 Our criteria for successful nominees

Nominees should have:

*  at least two decades in the professional activity for which the   

    person is being nominated at least five of which should have been in Connecticut

*  made an outstanding contribution in teaching, performing, promoting dance,  

   designing and/or “teching” for dance, or writing about dance  

*  have had a transformative effect on more than one of the following:   

     i)  audiences 
     ii)  individual dancers (in terms of, teaching them, or promoting them)    
     iii) a dance ensemble (as artistic, executive or technical director)

     iv) the public (perhaps by reviewing and writing articles on dance)

      v) the prosperity of our dance scene, perhaps by raising funds

 *  a legacy of their work is likely to continue to affect the CT dance scene in recognizable  ways after their lifetime

 2. The Jill Henderson Award for Outstanding Services and Dedication to the Dance Community as a Volunteer.

All of you have wonderful volunteers within your organizations who consistently give their time and expertise with remarkable generosity.

Criteria for successful nominees for the volunteer award:

This award will be given annually to an individual who has given a significant contribution of their time, talents and service within the Connecticut dance community. Efforts by a nominee can be for any one organization or multiple organizations in the state of Connecticut and must align with the mission statement of the Connecticut Dance Alliance to increase the public’s awareness of dance in all its forms and serve the need of the state-wide dance community. 

For nominations, please email a letter stating the name of the person you would like to nominate with an explanation of why you feel this person deserves the award; include contact information for the nominee and the name and contact information of the person/s submitting the nomination.     

Please also include your nominee’s resume (if appropriate) with your letter of recommendation to: by July 8, 2019.

Final decisions on awardees are made by vote of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Dance Alliance.